Back to reality!

Well, we are back from vacation!  I really did not want to get back to reality!  It was soooo nice not having to take or edit pictures (although I do enjoy this most of the time) and the nicest thing was no computer and no cell phone!  I was a little uneasy with this the first day, but after that, I felt like I really got to relax!  I mean REALLY relax.  I can't remember the last time I did that!  

We went to Puerto Penasco, (Rocky Point) Mexico for this vacation with our great friends!  We spent most of our time here...

and here...

The boys were either boogie boarding....

Or scuba diving...

I ate a lot of shrimp!!!  My favorite!  Enjoyed being spoiled, and got a great tan!

We had a fantastic time!

and now it's back to reality  :(


  1. Beautiful pictures Erica!! Wow, looks like a beautiful place.

  2. glad you all had a good time. great pics =)poragoe

  3. hahaha oops that was my crazy secret word I had to type


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