Photographs with you!

  Every morning, I make breakfast for my family, get my son off to school and my husband off to work... I get my other son breakfast and let him watch a movie while I grab a cup of coffee, check and return emails, check FB and then I blog stock (for just 10 minutes or so).  One of my favorite photography blogs is MCP Actions.  It is a great place for photographers!  If you've never seen Jodi's blog, you should!  There are so many awesome tutorials, videos and freebies for photographers!  This morning, she had an article or her FB page about taking pictures of YOU!  Yes you!  As a photographer, I rarely get my picture taken because I'm always the one with the camera.  But that is how I want it!  I always tell everyone, --That is why I'm the photographer, so I don't have to have my picture taken!  Let's face it, I'm not getting any younger or skinnier!  But what if something happened to me one day and my kids didn't have any pictures to remember me by?   Pictures and memories are all you have after our loved ones are gone.  And most of the time, when we look back on pictures, we remember what we were doing when we took that picture!  Here is a picture of me with my kids from this past weekend.  
When I see this picture again, I'm going to remember that it snowed 2 1/2 feet at our house that weekend and that we must have played in the snow 25 different times!  We had some much fun sledding and riding the ranger together!  
Is it a good picture of me?  NO!  I have no makeup on, I didn't photoshop out my wrinkles or fat.   I've already put on my winter weight and it's technically not even winter yet, and I have extra clothes on to stay warm, which makes me look even fatter!  But this is me!  This is the way my family sees me!  So I'm going to embrace it and enjoy my life with my family!  Just remember to have someone take a picture of you too once in a while!  :)


  1. I think you look great! I don't see fat. I have been so bad at taking pictures lately. I was thinking about how I used to take them all the time and i don't think I even get my camera out once a week. Sad how busy life gets. GLAD YOU TOOK this picture! Makes me want to do better! :)

  2. Beautiful Photos and awesome photography..........


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