It's Christmas card time again!

Sorry for the lack of posts again... but it's Christmas card session, which means I'm terribly busy!  Here is one from yesterday's shoot!  
Remember, it you are wanting to place a Christmas card, print order or an Organic Bloom order, the time is now!  I will not be placing any more orders after the first week of December for Christmas cards, because they just won't get her in time unless you are willing to pay rush shipping.  Organic Bloom orders---the last day is November22nd (unless you don't care that they will not be here until after Christmas).  I did place the order for the Ornament frames, so if you are waiting one of those, hopefully they will be here next week!  You can pick them up at the studio.  Print orders can be placed any time, but if you want them in time for Christmas, please order before December 9th!  Thanks!  Have a great week!